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Waste Removal in Dundee

Handling and removing waste and rubbish in your home can be arduous and time-consuming, but you don’t have to worry anymore because Man With Van Dundee is here to help! Our team of removal and clearance specialists team is available in Dundee and is eager to help you with your waste removal needs. You only need to schedule a time and date with the crew of your choice, and they will arrive on time in an appropriate vehicle and get to work fast, clearing away all the unwanted items that are ruining the appearance and overall look of your home. 

Whatever our workers do remove will be handled in a manner that protects the environment so that you can have confidence in that. Green garbage will be directly disposed of in the composting system at the closest authorised recycling facility near Dundee. Other goods will be evaluated to see if they may be used right away, repaired, or repurposed in some other way. If the item is unquestionably scraped, it will be taken to a recycling facility, where it will be disassembled into its parts (metal, glass, plastic, etc.) so they can be reused. Contact us today at Man With Van Dundee to learn more about our services!

Commonly Asked Questions about Waste Removal

What is classed as household waste?

The term “household waste,” also referred to as “domestic waste” or “residential waste,” refers to the discarded items produced by households. Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste might be included in this garbage. Food scraps, paper, bottles, and other things that can be recycled or composted are examples of non-hazardous waste.


What is the most common household waste?

More than 71 million tons of waste are made up of paper. With over 31 million tons of solid rubbish produced annually, yard wastes are the second most prevalent type of waste. More than 8% of all home waste is made of metals, and plastics follow closely with another 8% or 14 million tons.


What problems are caused by household waste?

Poor waste management from household wastes causes climate change, air pollution, and ecological and species damage.

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is released by landfills, which is the last resort in the waste hierarchy. Food, paper, and garden waste in landfills feed microbes that produce methane. Landfills may pollute soil and water.

On the other hand, waste may be transported and treated. Transport releases carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, and air pollutants such as particulate matter.

Combust or recycle some garbage. Waste energy can generate heat or electricity, replacing coal or other fuels. Waste energy recovery reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, recycling reduces greenhouse gas and other pollutants even more. Recycling reduces the need for new materials.


What happens if you don’t segregate waste?

If trade waste is not adequately segregated, it will wind up intermingled in landfills just as in your containers. Food scraps, paper, and liquid rubbish can all mix during the decomposition process and release toxic gases into the environment and runoff into the soil.

Waste removal as a part of Home Removal in Carnoustie
Waste removal as part of home removal in Carnousite

Advantages of Waste Removal in Dundee

Improper garbage disposal makes your surroundings unpleasant and poses a health concern. A healthy, happy existence requires a clean house, office, garden, and environment. Although it’s exhausting, hiring a professional waste removal company will be pretty helpful and make your life easier. The following are the advantages you’ll be receiving once you’ve hired a professional waste removal company: 


  1. Fast waste removal

Garbage will be appropriately disposed of, especially electrical debris, metal fragments, and other perishable waste. Thus, here at Man With Man Dundee, we finish the job in our own way and recycle garbage for optimal usage.  Additionally, we use the right skills to reduce rubbish’s environmental impact while obeying ecological laws.


  1. Prompt and Regular Service

Here at Man With Van Dundee, we recognise the importance of our task and do it well before it causes health risks. Professionals, we know how to handle the waste. We will use landfills or underground burials to dispose of biodegradable rubbish and accredited electronic rubbish recyclers to dispose of electronic debris safely without harming the environment.


  1. Time Efficient

Cleaning, carting, and disposing of rubbish takes hours, but experts do it quickly. We respect your time, and we’ll finish every task we have started and get the job done efficiently and promptly.


  1. Prevent Legal Issues

Avoid legal complications by hiring a waste removal service. We properly dispose of waste, and we comply with state laws. We will complete the work within local regulations due to our knowledge and experience in the industry.

  1. Save Time and Effort

Moving to a foreign country is a challenging process. You might believe you don’t need any help and can handle everything independently. However, some difficulties could arise out of the blue. This is because when you move, you will have a set amount of time to do a lot of tasks, such as looking for new housing and taking care of all your business in your home country, among other things. If you employ experienced movers like Man With Van Dundee, we will handle all your belongings and spare you at least one burden associated with moving to a new country.

  1. Reduce Moving Costs

Your global shift may quickly exceed your budget if you don’t carefully plan for it. Additionally, losing your priceless belongings due to rough handling is a possibility. These losses may surpass your initial expectations in terms of quantity. Moving companies like Man With Van Dundee will take care of all these concerns for you and provide a variety of packages that enable you to move all of your belongings within your specified spending budget. For a beautiful moving experience that is free of any worry, we will also provide a budget plan that is customised just for you.

  1. The Right Company Will Ensure Your Belongings’ Packaging

The right company will ensure your belongings’ packaging. Additionally, it can raise the overall cost of your international move. If you pack everything yourself, you will have to pay for boxes, bubble wrap, and cartons. After that, you’ll need to hire a transportation service to deliver your belongings to your new location.  These can all quickly become out of control. But if you’re moving and working with the help of a reputable company, they’ll handle all of this for you at a lot more affordable price. They will ensure that your fragile items don’t break during transportation by packaging everything carefully and utilising quality packing supplies. Also, they use moving inventory software so that you and they can keep track of your belongings.

  1. Uses the Right Equipment

When you hire a professional mover, they will pack all your belongings using cutting-edge machinery to make a move as easy as possible. All packers and movers cater their services to the demands of their clients and, as a result, guarantee excellent services.

  1. Provides the Right Storage Facilities

You can choose a storage facility if you expect to arrive at your location later. A reputable and skilled moving company can provide long- and short-term storage options. Here at Man With Van Dundee, our comprehensive service will offer you a relocating experience without worrying about a thing!

How We Do Our Waste Removal in Dundee

For individuals who want to dispose of waste and other waste responsibly, our expert rubbish removal service offers customers in Dundee a quick and effective substitute for waste removals.

Within a 2-hour time window that has been established, our helpful team will collect and remove all rubbish from anywhere on your property.

As a registered, regulated garbage carrier, we will give you a rubbish transfer note as the law requires. To reduce the amount transported to a landfill, we will evaluate the products to see if they may be recycled or repurposed.

Wates ready to remove as part of home removal in Dundee

Types of Waste Removal in Dundee

Here at Man With Van Dundee, we collect any waste from your home or commercial property, which includes the following:

  • Cardboard Waste
  • Clinical Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) Waste
  • Food Waste
  • General Waste

If you have any concerns regarding a specific waste you want removed from your property, then feel free to contact us immediately, and we’d be more than glad to answer any of your inquiries!

Man and Van Dundee Waste removal
Waste removal as part of Office removal in Dundee

Average Cost of Waste Removal in Dundee

A basic load (100 kg) of rubbish disposal is expected to cost between £50-£70. A quarter load of rubbish (200–300 kg) that needs to be removed will likely cost between £90 and £100. For a waste collection van, a half load (500–700 kg) is expected to cost between £150–170.

On the other hand, if you want an exact estimate for your specific waste removal needs, then feel free to call us today! We look forward to communicating with you.

Waste / Rubbish Removal in Dundee FAQs

What type of properties can you collect waste from?

Our waste removal staff can assist you whether you need rubbish removed from a building with stairs (such as a flat), a basement, or an attic. When you contact us, you specify if the rubbish removal is for a residential or commercial property, the address of the property inside Dundee, and the location of the rubbish.

Considering that we will put the waste onto the van for you, you don’t need to move your rubbish to a specified spot in advance.

What type of waste do you remove?

The majority of waste types, including appliances like refrigerators and freezers, office furniture like desks and filing cabinets, electrical equipment like shredders, photocopiers, lighting, and smaller electrical items like microwaves and kettles, can be collected and disposed of by our helpful teams.

We can shred any removed paper and erase hard drives from electronic equipment; let us know when you make your appointment.

Why choose Man With Van Dundee?

Our qualified, friendly, and professional employees assist individuals in Dundee with their waste removal needs as a registered and insured waste management company.

Our uniformed teams typically include two to three members, and they will get in touch with you when they are about 30 minutes away. To save you the hassle of hauling your rubbish to a specified area, they load it from any location on the property after arriving and confirm the pricing with you.

What is included in a waste pickup?

Waste pickup involves moving the solid waste from its site of production and disposal to a facility for treatment or disposal in a landfill. Additionally, garbage collection comprises the curbside collection of recyclables, which are technically not waste.