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Why Move to Dundee

Along with housing, investment opportunities, and several beautiful tourist attractions, Dundee has earned its name of becoming Scotland’s up-and-coming city beside Edinburgh. To learn more about Dundee, read along!

Where is Dundee Located?

Eastern Scotland’s largest industrial city, royal burgh, and port is Dundee, Scotland’s fourth-largest city. The city of Dundee is located on the northern bank of the North Sea inlet known as the Firth of Tay, traversed by the Tay Road and rail bridges. It is about 40 miles (64 km) north of Edinburgh. Dundee’s frontage on the Tay surpasses eight miles (13 km). The city stretches from the Tay to the Dundee Law, a notable volcanic plug with a height of 571 feet (174 meters).


Dundee’s History

Dundee was proclaimed a royal burgh in the 12th or 13th century. In   1892, Dundee was created as a city; in 1894, it became a county burgh. Early on, Dundee had one of Scotland’s largest whaling fleets. When jute fibre was combined with whale oil in the 19th century, it could be woven into sacking for bags and carpet backing. 

Dundee grew fast as a jute manufacturing hub. Since World War II, many employees have been employed in new light manufacturing, but linen, canvas, rope, and carpet are still produced. Dundee’s confectionary and preserves, especially marmalade, are famous. Meanwhile, Dundee’s manufacturing industries fell in the late 20th century, and service activities grew. The city became a major educational and research centre with strengths in IT and biotech.

Dundee’s City Layout

The city’s volatile past has left a few ancient buildings and one town gate (East Port). The City Churches, three parish churches under one roof, are a landmark in the glass-and-concrete city centre. 

Dundee’s old streets, courtyards, and buildings have been demolished. Dundee University, founded in 1881, became independent in 1967. Dundee International College and Abertay University are the other existing educational institutions. Broughty Ferry, formerly a separate burgh, is now part of Dundee. 

Types of Attractions Around Dundee

Despite being occasionally overshadowed by more well-known Scottish cities, Dundee is a dark horse regarding tourist spots that should be considered. This city has several attractions, like castles, museums, galleries, and cafes. With historical landmarks, including Glamis Castle, the Mills Observatory, RRS Discovery, and Broughty Castle, Dundee is a fascinating location that every tourist should explore.

Recent Investment Opportunities in Dundee

One of the most significant ongoing redevelopment projects in the UK is currently Dundee Waterfront, which spans an 8 km section of the city’s waterfront and includes five essential zones.

The Central Waterfront contains many “shovel-ready” properties completely controlled by Dundee City Council, the consenting body, and offers the most investment prospects.

The aspirational blueprint that serves as the foundation for development at Dundee Waterfront is supported by substantial public and private investment previously undertaken to develop:

  • Infrastructure that is required
  • developed sites with services
  • Slessor Gardens’ civic centre
  • A brand-new train station V&A Dundee (which opened on the 15 September 2018)
  • 60,000+ square feet of grade Site 6’s office space has been completely leased.

The city, its shoreline, and other development zones are more appealing today as investment opportunities.

According to planning approval, many plots are immediately available for development as part of the Central Waterfront’s phased development.

A new landscaped public realm area at Waterfront Place, comprising an Active Travel Hub, hard and soft landscaping, an urban beach, and an interactive play park, is now completed and offers investment opportunities for its residents and other interested investors. 


Housing and Property

According to Dundee City Council, housing options in Dundee are currently being assessed and managed by Home Scotland, a national organisation based in Scottish Housing Association. Several housing options are available, and Dundee and Home Scotland’s assistance and services include the following:

  • Through Home Support Team, tenants can receive individualised support to help them keep their tenancies.
  • Tenant and non-tenant representatives on the Dundee Area Committee actively oversee and direct service.
  • Additionally, several Registered Tenant Organizations exist, allowing tenants to participate in consultations and raise awareness of local affairs.

You may visit the city council’s official website through this link for further information.


Transportation System

Meanwhile, the city’s transportation system is headed by the Sustainable Transport & Roads department, ensuring people and commodities can travel around the city safely, enabling social and economic advancement. 

To guarantee users have safe and adequate access. The service manages and maintains the Council’s transportation assets, including cars, roads, streetlights, parking lots, and traffic signals.

Schools and Education in Dundee

There are 38 elementary schools (37 state-run and one private), 11 secondary schools (eight state-run and one private), and one particular needs school that is state-run as of 2022. Dundee City Council oversees the operation of all public schools.

Dundee is one of Scotland’s major university cities and has about one in seven residents who are students. There are roughly 17,000 students and 3,000 employees at the larger University of Dundee. One of the top art schools in Europe is the University of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

The UK’s first university-based Center for Excellence in Computer Games Education is located at the smaller Abertay University, which enrols about 4,200 students.

Top Attractions in Dundee

There are various tourist-attraction and must-visit places around Dundee, Scotland. Some of these unique places include the following: 

  • Verdant Works, a former jute mill, turned into a museum on Dundee’s industrial past, where you can also explore the restored and preserved factory floor.
  • Meanwhile, McManus: Galleries of Modern Art is for art lovers. The gallery has an impressive collection of 18th-century contemporary art while being housed in its beautiful Gothic architecture.
  • On the other hand, Dundee Contemporary Arts offers modern culture. This arts centre hosts exhibitions, films, and performances year-round, and you can also visit the shop or café in the area.

If you’d like to learn more about the top attractions around this beautiful city, you may check out our blog post on our top 10 picks of beautiful tourist spots in Dundee.

Dundee Property

As of July 2022, homes in Dundee are currently increasing and are being sold for a median price of $380K, which is a 40.6% decline from the previous year. Comparatively to last year, properties in Dundee are sold on average after 17 days on the market.

Meanwhile, the average rent in Dundee costs around  £1,500.  Rent prices vary according to several factors, such as location, size, and quality.

Popular Places to Live in Dundee

Dundee is a relatively small city with a population of under 150,000 and a wealth of attractions. For a small city, there are a variety of neighbourhoods to choose from, so whether you live in the city centre or one of Dundee’s outskirts, there is always a place for you.

Wealthy areas around Dundee include the Broughty Ferry, Menzieshill, West End, Lochee, and Tay Port. Housing and business opportunities are more accessible in these areas, and tourist attractions are also near these locations, giving you the best experience of Dundee’s beauty and history.

Kirkton, Glens, Eastwell, Whitfield, and Fintry are among the up-and-coming housing locations in Dundee. As of now, Dundee is progressively growing to give its residents more investing and residential opportunities. 

Since Dundee is one of Scotland’s major university cities, popular commuting housing neighbourhoods include the city centre and West End, with streets like Dens Road, Strat Martine Road, Perth Road, and Blackness Road among the most visited.

Additionally, Newport on Tay and Tay port in Fife are both well-liked Dundee commuter locations because they provide a tranquil environment, simple access to city amenities, and a creative and artsy vibe.

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